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Our company is using TIGER TURF as the famous New Zealand artificial grass company which a member of Australian Tennis Association), which is GRAHAM VIVAIN as early as 1981 years ago has created artificial grass brand, through constant research and improvement, finally TIGER TURF.

The main raw materials of Tiger Turf fiber yarn, model Advantage, Tournament is suitable to be used in the court, the other Summer Envy is suitable to be used in Gardens, while other types are available in play ground and various platform and green areas. The New Zealand has more than 2000 tennis courts is the use of TIGER TURF.

advan  Advantage


end 60Summer Envy

Job References:

Tiger Turf  (Advantage ) Tennis Court


Tiger Turf (Summer Envy)  Garden


Tiger Turf (Advantage) Golf

TIGER TURF certified by International Association such as I.F.T (International Tennis Association), I.H.F. (International Hockey Association), FIFA certificate, and the quality test results, also shows that is indeed better than other products of the same type of turf.