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The Group of Po Kee Engineering Company Limited in 1975 has been involved in the stadium, running track, hard-court coating, artificial turf, and so on development projects. It was established in 1996 in Hong Kong, we are members of the United States Tennis Court and Track Builder Association & China Tennis Association.

Our sports products cover many world-famous brand names as below:

  • Australia (Rebound Synpave)

  • New Zealand (Tiger Turf)

  • Malaysia  (Fairmont EPDM)

  • U.S.A. (R.L.S. Lighting)

  • Canada (Court-1)

The above brand names both meet international and safety standards with ISO 9001 Quality Cert.

Our company has a self-construction team, both technical personnel and workers with professional qualifications, long working experience with sport construction projects, we have handed over 500 or above, is building a high-quality sports contractor.

Recently, our company actively participates in size of different sports construction projects; our company is the first and only builder of the Clay Tennis Court System, located in Hong Kong Sports Institute.  In addition to Hong Kong, our construction projects cover Taiwan, Macau, China, etc., our client list includes Hong Kong Housing Authority Department, Architectural Services Department, famous contractors, private clubs, and management services Ltd. , primary, secondary schools, and Colleges &  Universities, etc. We have always had a good reputation in the market.

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