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Silverback NXT54
Basketball Hoop

Basketball Net 1.PNG

Save space in your driveway with the Silverback NXT 54" basketball hoop. The NXT allows you to mount the basketball goal to a wall outdoors or indoors – perfect for garages, barns, schools, camps, gyms, and more. Including the backboard, rim, nylon net, and wall mount, this basketball hoop comes partially assembled with attached hardware allowing you to assemble your goal in 120 minutes or less. Mounting hardware is not included. The 54" W x 33" H Infinity Edge backboard has edges that wrap around the back of the backboard as one continuous material for increased rigidity. The spring-activated rim flexes under pressure, similar to professional-style rims. The pro-style breakaway rim also protects the backboard and prevents player injuries.


54" W x 33" H Infinity Edge backboard that folds backward for increased rigidity and 2.5' overhang


HKLJ-1007 imitation hydraulic basketball stand (2250)

1. Product technical specifications and product materials
Basketball Net 2.PNG

The basketball stand's outstretching arm is 2.25m long, and the upper edge of the basketball hoop is 3.05m above the ground. The ball stand's outstretching arm is made of 120x120x3.0, 60x60x3.0, and 60x120x3.0 square tubes welded together. The front vertical arm is made of a 60x120x3.0 square tube and a 4.0mm iron plate welded together, and the rear vertical arm is made of a 60x60x3.0 square tube, welded and formed. Basketball rack box: The basket box is made of a 2.0mm iron plate welded. Dimensions: Length X Width X Front Height X Back Height=2Mx1MX0.65x0.36.

The vertical arm and outstretching arm of the basket are connected by shafts and cast iron tile boxes. The fulcrum of the basket frame is made of a φ32x2.5 round tube that is bent and formed in one step on a bending machine, which avoids the hidden danger of rust caused by electric welding and welding slag. The plane and verticality of the backboard can be adjusted by adjusting the pull-up rod. Suitable minimum site 34.4 meters.

2. backboard

Specification 1800x1050x10.0 (mm), the backboard is equipped with an internationally accepted high-strength safety tempered glass backboard, which has the characteristics of good safety, high transparency, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, and not easy to blur, and is covered with protection on the lower edge and sides of the backboard. Strips can protect athletes from injury when dunking.


The basketball hoop is made of φ18 solid round steel, with good bending resistance. When the static load on the top of the hoop at the farthest point of the hoop is less than 105kg, the hoop will not rotate. When the static load is ≥105kg, the hoop will move downward. Rotation, the angle does not exceed 30 degrees, which can effectively solve the stability of the rim when shooting and the safety of athletes when dunking.

4. surface treatment

Therefore, the steel parts undergo primary treatment such as shot blasting and sandblasting, and then are sprayed with pure polyester powder on an automatic spraying line to complete the final surface treatment. The coating thickness is 80 to 120um. The product has the advantages of heat and humidity resistance, anti-aging, and beautiful appearance. It is suitable for outdoor use, and the product coating formula does not contain toxic elements to avoid harming the health of users.

5. Fastener

All fasteners of the basket rack are made of 304 stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized materials, which effectively avoids safety problems caused by fasteners rusting.

6. safety precautions

The front column, base, and outriggers of the basket are equipped with special soft sheaths, which can effectively protect athletes from impact. The ground supporting feet of the basketball rack are made of precision castings, which have safe and reliable performance. The rear part is equipped with a special special counterweight. The weight of a single counterweight is 500kg. A special safety mechanism is installed between the base and the outrigger, which can effectively ensure safety and aesthetics during use.

7. Venue layout

Venue Layout.PNG
Basketball Hoop
basketball stand.jpg

60'' In-Ground
Basketball Hoop

  • Two Mounting Pillars fixed on the ground for permanent

  • Height for each hoop = 10 feet

  • Metal Bars suitable for outdoor basketball games (not easy to become wet on rainy or humid days)

  • Main suitable clients: Schools with outdoor playgrounds, central parks, outdoor sports grounds, etc.

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