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leisure artificial turf

Tiger Turf

We use “Tiger Turf” Brand Leisure artificial grass which is high quality to real grass and is suitable for landscaping decoration, landscape optimization, children’s playgrounds, and platforms. There are three kinds color of leisure grasses with different heights. The user can freely design and combine different environments, which reveal the natural beauty.

All fiber yarns have passed the standard of SGS EN71 Part 3, non-toxic, environmentally, and safe, so you can use them safely.

1. Sierra 25mm (H)
2. Summer Envy 44mm (H)

Screenshot 2022-09-25 at 11.52.21 PM.png

Job References

TIGER TURF is certified by International Association such as I.F.T (International Tennis Association), I.H.F. (International Hockey Association), and FIFA certificate, and the quality test results, also shows that is indeed better than other products of the same type of turf.

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