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Fairmont Polymers

Our company adopt EPDM artificial polymers is used in Malaysia Fairmont Polymers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd factory, the group was founded in 1998, the particles are in use worldwide widely, the soft and elastic properties can be used in safety mats provide leisure and amusement park all kinds of sports games and the children, more laid in all kinds of sports such as tennis courts, basketball field, badminton courts, stadium runway and cycling trails.


ECOLASTIC EPDM Sports Granules Color Chart

80 Red

82 Grey

83 Yellow

85 Light Blue

88 Earth Yellow

89 Brown

90 Forest Green

91 Apple Green

92 Purple

93 Beige

94 Egg Shell

95 White

96 Bright Red

97 Light Green

98 Cream

100 Teal

104 Bright Orange

108 Tea Green

109 Navy Blue

Natural colors may vary from the actual product when viewed on print/screen mode. Samples are available upon request. We strongly advise to sighting of actual samples before selection is made as management will not be held responsible for variation in the colors selected and the end product received.

Color SelectionEcolastic Coloured EPDM Granules are available in more than 19 colors:

Fairmont EPDM is divided into two types SR5560 and SR6065, the diameter of 1-4mm, 1-3mm, 0.5-1.5mm, anti-ultraviolet function belongs to UVS, its production process is rigorous professional monitoring, determining the products' comply with international safety standards, it is through the I.A.A.F (International Association of athletics) certification, at present all kinds of sports in Asia and Europe in all field runway a widely used.

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